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Family care for your work family

Unlike other care companies, we aren't just resource providers or navigators, we are doers. By tackling the logistical and administrative tasks of care, Wellthy helps increase productivity, improve retention, and reduce time away, all while giving people the support they desperately need to care for themselves and their families.

The majority of your employees
struggle to balance work with care


Face some caregiving


Use sick or leave time
to provide care


Report heightened
stress, depression or
trouble sleeping

We’re here to help

Our care professionals consider all of the variables of care beyond just medical needs. And we aren’t just resource providers—we make the calls, get the appointments, fill out the paperwork, and do the doing that needs to get done.


Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Wills


Social Security, Benefits, Insurance, Tax Deductions


Doctors, Prescriptions, Physical Therapy, Records


Safety, Home Care, Transportation


Senior Living, Moving Services, Short-Term Solutions

Social + Emotional

Support Groups, Social Activities, Memory Care

Real humans, modern tech

Wellthy combines technology with experienced care professionals to to deliver affordable, scalable and compassionate care to all families.

  • Dedicated Care Professionals

    Our team of carefully matched Care Coordinators includes Master's-level social workers, nurses, psychologists, and other health professionals.

  • Care Dashboard

    Our modern platform keeps appointments, contacts, tasks, conversations, and documents in one place.

  • Advanced Technology

    We use advanced algorithms to match our care professionals with families, and automate workflows to get tasks done fast.

  • Privacy & Security

    We offer HIPAA compliance and bank-level encryption to ensure top-level privacy and data security.

Outcomes that matter


Average NPS® score


Employer retention rate
with over 500 client partners


Return on investment

Launch in less than 30 days

Our team works with you every step of the way to build a benefits package and implementation plan that is perfectly tailored for the specific needs of your company. We even help get the word out and get your employees engaged and on board.

Start with a trial

We offer low-risk trials to get your company up and running quickly.

Assess the need

We learn about the needs of caregivers in your employee population.

Tailor the experience

We customize for your company and collaborate with other benefits vendors.

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"Adding Wellthy to our benefits was a great decision. It’s nice to know our employees have the support they need to manage the challenges that life throws at them."

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