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Case Studies

Just a few of the ways our Care Coordinators have helped.

"Wellthy was able to obtain the large amount of paperwork, organize and securely digitize the files for me."

Child with chronic condition

A mother with a busy full-time job came to us about her child with a chronic condition. Her child was seeing 6+ therapists per week and she was struggling to keep up with the notes and records from her son's appointments.

Wellthy contacted the therapists and their agency, and was able to gather, organize, digitize, and store hundreds of pages of notes and records from multiple providers.

"It was a huge relief and only took 1 week! By the way, Wellthy is based in New York and I live 600 miles away."

Older woman with a chronic condition

An older woman with a chronic condition was having trouble finding a night and weekend nurse. She spent months asking around, putting up job postings in local hospitals, and talking with local agencies. But could not find an aide with the skills, availability, and demeanor needed.

In just a few days, Wellthy identified a handful of strong candidates, conducted initial phone interviews and background checks, and recommended several options, one of whom was hired immediately.

"Your work has provided me so much peace and the ability to focus on preparing for the trip and time with my family. That is priceless! Thank you!"

Managing own chronic condition

A professional woman in her 30s, juggling her career and a chronic condition, came to Wellthy to get assistance with the ongoing management of her doctors, appointments, medications, and insurance bills.

With Wellthy, she offloaded the endless logistics and ongoing management of her care so she could focus on her family and career.

"You have saved me so much time and really, really helped me. Having you to call when my dad was admitted to the hospital was a lifesaver."

Sick father

A young woman's father was undergoing treatment for advanced cancer. By his side in the hospital, she needed to find an in-home aide and get a specific piece of equipment in order for the doctor to allow her father to return home.

In 24 hours, Wellthy vetted several local agencies and interviewed aides to find the right fit. Wellthy was able to arrange for an aide to meet the family at their home the next day.

"I am about to cry with relief."

Child with chronic condition

A working mother was struggling to manage it all... her career, family, and sick child's care. She had also been desperately trying for months to get an appointment at one of the country's top medical facilities. She came to Wellthy asking for help with managing her child's weekly care schedule and wanted Wellthy's help with getting into the medical facility.

Wellthy was able to pick up the weekly scheduling of a dozen nurses, therapists, and appointments. And, in a short period of time, Wellthy also secured the family a coveted appointment at the top medical facility.

"You guys are a big help."

Deceased spouse

A grieving husband was drowning under his deceased wife's medical bills. At the end of her life, she spent months in hospitals and other facilities that resulted in large bills. He was receiving countless bills claiming he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Wellthy worked with the hospitals and insurance companies to contest, negotiate, and forgive the bulk of the bills. The husband went from owing more than $400,000 to paying less than $1,000 total.

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