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General Questions

What is Wellthy?

Wellthy is a new company that helps individuals and families manage and coordinate care for a chronically ill, aging, or disabled loved one.

Why Wellthy?

We believe that there is a silent, massive, and growing caregiving crisis impacting our families, companies, and countries. This is caused by a confluence of factors—we have a large aging population, these people will live longer with more chronic conditions than ever before, families live apart from one another, and our healthcare and eldercare systems are the most complex, opaque, and expensive in history. The result for families is that managing complex care ends up being enormously stressful and overwhelming. We want to make it easier!

How does Wellthy work?

Create a free online account and follow the prompts to tell us a bit about your family’s situation. If you would like, you can message us or schedule time to talk with us so that we clearly understand your goals, needs, and up-at-night concerns. Then, we match you with a hand-picked Care Coordinator who has the right skills and experience. Your Care Coordinator will then create next steps and immediately get to work with researching, calling, and getting things done.

How quickly can my Care Coordinator get things done?

It depends! For urgent situations, we work as fast as we possibly can. Although for many tasks, like finding the right aide, moving a loved one into a long-term care facility, contesting insurance bills, etc., we’re at the mercy of the healthcare system. We always work with urgency and we will let you know regular status updates

Who is Wellthy designed to help?

We're focused on helping families who have health or aging-related concerns. Families will often come to us when they are concerned about their loved one who is getting older or after something has occurred such as a fall, new diagnosis, surgery, etc. Regardless of the circumstance, our goal is to make our healthcare system maze much more navigable.

What conditions can Wellthy help me with?

Any and all! We let your doctors and specialists focus on treating your condition. We help with everything else, including assisting you with the administration and logistics (resources, service providers, billing, appointments, etc.). We work closely with you, so if your condition requires specific considerations, we can be there every step of the way.

Can I use Wellthy if I’m taking care of a family member?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our clients work with us because they are responsible for or concerned about an elderly loved one or a family member suffering from a serious illness. Some individuals work directly with us to help manage their own care.

Who can join Wellthy?

Anybody can! You don’t have to be wealthy to be Wellthy (sorry, we couldn’t help it). Creating an online account is free. Working with a dedicated Wellthy Care Coordinator costs $300 per month or $200 per month for 6 months. (Or is free if your employer covers the cost.) You can find out more information on our plans page.

Where is Wellthy available?

The Wellthy service is available nationwide in the United States. Since our service is virtual and powered by technology, we can connect and work with people on the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between.

How does it work if my employer pays for Wellthy?

Congratulations! You work for an awesome company. Some top companies now cover the cost of Wellthy for their employees. If yours does, then simply sign up, input your employer name, and start getting support… for free. If you would like to tell your employer about Wellthy, you can find more information here or by emailing

Care Coordination

What is the background of my Wellthy Care Coordinator?

Wellthy’s Care Coordinators are mostly social workers by background. They have previously worked in hospital, insurance, and other healthcare settings. Most importantly, they are passionate about working with families like yours to ease your care burden. We carefully screen and background check all candidates before certifying someone as a Wellthy Care Coordinator.

Can I stay with the same Care Coordinator over time?

You bet. Your dedicated care coordinator is your partner. She’ll get to know you, anticipate your needs, and pull in the right experts for each situation.

Can I speak with someone 24/7?

We will always do our best to respond as quickly as possible. In the event of an emergency, always call 911.

What will my Wellthy Care Coordinator do for me?

Wellthy’s Care Coordinators are skilled and trained to help families navigate and manage all aspects of care. Just like enlisting a financial planner to help with your investments or a wedding planner to manage your special day, families should seek expert assistance to help guide them through major care decisions and events. Your Care Coordinator will put together a game plan and then get things done—everything from researching to calling. We don’t stop until your family and you are satisfied!

What if I don't like my Care Coordinator?

We get it, these are very personal matters. You should love your Care Coordinator. And if you don’t, we would love for you to give us that feedback. Our goal is to have a network of the most qualified and kind Care Coordinators on the planet and to match you with the Care Coordinator who is best for you!

Work for Wellthy

What is a Wellthy Care Coordinator?

Wellthy’s Care Coordinators are hand-selected professionals who work directly with our families to help manage and navigate care.

What is a Wellthy Expert?

Wellthy’s Experts are professionals with terrific experience who provide guidance and tips behind-the-scenes for our Care Coordinators on an as-needed basis determined by our families’ care projects.

How do I apply to be a Wellthy Care Coordinator?

The Wellthy Coordinaton Team application process is straightforward. You can learn more here.

How can I get my company to be recommended by Wellthy?

We do not accept referral fees from service providers nor do we partner with any provider companies. This is because we want to ensure we deliver the best possible recommendations to our families based solely on their needs and circumstances.

Privacy & Security

How do you protect my private information?

We take your privacy very seriously. (You can see our privacy policy here.) We will never share your information without your consent.

What type of encryption do you use?

We use 256-bit encryption, the same level used by banks. We force HTTPS for all traffic to ensure data is encrypted and to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Can I enable 2-Step Verification on my account?

Yes, all users of the Wellthy platform can enable 2-Step Verification. 2-Step Verification allows you to add an extra layer of security to your account. After you set up 2-Step Verification (which can be done in the account settings) you will sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code from the authenticator app on your phone). All members of our Coordination Team are required to have 2-Step Verification turned on.

Who sees my medical and personal information?

Only the service team at Wellthy and your Care Coordinator. With your consent, your Care Coordinator may share information with doctors, family, caregivers, or other providers in order to arrange care. We will only share your information if it's in your best interest and with your signed consent to do so.

Do you store any of my payment information?

We never store payment information. We use Stripe, a secure third-party to handle all payment transactions.

Can I control access to different parts of my Care Project?

We offer customizable controls for customers to choose per person which aspects of their care project individuals can access (i.e. your in-home aide will only have access to a specific task for providing updates to your family).

How do I responsibly report a security concern?

Please see our responsible disclosure policy.